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Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Limited (JM Davy) is part of the Process Technologies Division of our parent company, Johnson Matthey Plc.

A UK-based development and process engineering company, JM Davy commercialises by licensing its proprietary process technologies worldwide for the oil, gas and chemicals industries.

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JM Davy has its head office in London, where we conduct our process engineering, design and licensing.

We also have a state-of-the-art Global R&D Centre located in the Tees Valley, UK. Here, we undertake extensive development, demonstration and process engineering to support our portfolio of processes, technologies and catalysts.

JM Davy’s Global R&D Centre, Tees Valley, UK

JM Davy’s Head Office, Paddington, London
Licensed Processes and Core Technologies

We license processes and their individual core technologies to clients who wish to build a new plant or make a new product.

Once the plant is built we provide our licensees with ongoing process and technical support throughout the detailed engineering, commissioning and post-acceptance stages, which helps our licensees obtain optimum plant performance.

Explore our range of licensed processes and core technologies here:

JM Davy is part of the Johnson Matthey Process Technologies (JMPT) Division.

We operate throughout the oil & gas and chemicals process industries. The division brings together the core elements of process technology, catalysts, adsorbents, additives and reaction systems along with unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions.

JMPT supply our technology through the manufacture & sale of process catalysts and the licencing & basic engineering of process technologies. This is supported by our team of specialist scientists and engineers who, working together, understand both catalysts and process technologies and how they inter-react within overall process schemes. We also provide process support to our clients through the provision of technical services to help them get the best out of our technologies.

For more information, go to the divisional JMPT website. Also, see below for more information on the overall structure of JMPT.

JMPT Structure

JM Davy is one of six business units in Johnson Matthey’s Process Technologies Division. Roll over each box for a brief description.

For more information, go to the JMPT divisional website.

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JM Davy’s parent company Johnson Matthey Plc (JM) was founded in 1817 and, over the last 200 years, has built a reputation for expertise combined with integrity and an ever-increasing focus on sustainable business growth.

Today, JM is a leading speciality chemicals company with operations in over 30 countries and over 12,000 employees worldwide.

JM continually invest in R&D to ensure we remain the world’s best in advanced materials and technologies, whether harnessing chemical properties at an atomic scale or applying engineering skills to create new solutions.

With a leading focus on sustainable technologies, we are proud that many JM products enhance the quality of life for millions of people around the world while doing the right thing by the planet.

To build our 3rd century of value-adding sustainable technologies, we have developed a ‘3C’ strategy based on the three powerful themes of Collaboration, Customer Focus and Creating Value. To find out more, go to Johnson Matthey’s corporate website.

Johnson Matthey Structure

Johnson Matthey has five global divisions, including the Process Technologies Division, of which JM Davy is a part.

The divisions, and their respective business units, are outlined below.

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